"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love, and to be greater than our suffering."

- Ben Okri

What to Expect

My approach to counseling is grounded in the truth that we are all intrinsically whole and complete and inextricably connected to one another and the world around us. The problem can be that, all too often, intense thoughts and feelings convince us that we are somehow separate, flawed, bad, or unworthy. These painful thoughts and feelings interfere with our sense of self, our relationships, and our ability to experience the fullness of our true self and this life. Therapy can be helpful in feeling less alone, gaining perspective, and reorienting to our true self. Thus improving our relationships, aiding in pursuing our passions, and making decisions that are grounded in our personal values and support our well-being. Through uncovering and examining the painful thoughts and feelings that trap us in suffering, we can learn to hold them, transform them, and become less restricted by them. Therapy can help us understand the pain we are experiencing, learn new ways of responding, and gain more joy in our life.

I offer mindfulness-based psychotherapy that is oriented toward the specific issues you are dealing with; whether they be situational changes in your life (e.g. loss of relationship, changes in work or school, or evolving spiritual issues) or whether the problems are more long standing (e.g. anxiety, depression, trauma). In our work together, you can expect radical genuineness, empathy, and - likely - a bit of light-hearted humor from me, as we foster a relationship of acceptance and trust. I’ll help you find the resources within yourself that may have been lost or forgotten over time and support you in developing new ways of being that will guide steps of commitment and action in alignment with your inner wisdom.

Together, we will cultivate practices of acceptance and self-compassion. In addition, we’ll employ a variety of strategies, each adapted to and informed by your personal needs. We’ll utilize Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy strategies to identify your personal goals and equip you with new skills that will lead you toward the life you desire.

Secure Client Portal

If you are a current client, you can access your Secure Client Portal be clicking below:

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Fees & Insurance

I am on Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Regence), PacificSource, Moda, and Aetna insurance panels. Clients are strongly encouraged to contact their health insurance company, prior to meeting, to better understand their mental health benefits. Final decisions about your coverage and costs are decided by your insurance company. Clients are ultimately financially responsible for paying the agreed upon fees and any claims denied by their insurance company.

If I am not able to take your insurance, I can print a superbill for our sessions, if you would like, which you may be able to submit to your insurance for an out-of-network provider and receive reimbursement.

Some things to consider before using your insurance plan:

  • A mental health diagnosis is required to use and bill insurance

  • The diagnosis will be included in your medical record

  • You may have to meet your deductible before your insurance will cover any part of the cost

  • Your insurance company may limit the number of sessions that they will reimburse